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It is important to check not only quality
but also the warranty when selecting a suitcase.


- Comprehensive 3-year warranty

Every Proteca suitcase comes with a 3-year product warranty to ensure many years of satisfying use.
The warranty provides free repair of all damages resulting from normal use as well as damages caused during transportation by an airline.

  • Covers damage caused during transportation by an airline.
  • Provides warranty service an unlimited number of times during the warranty period.
  • Provides a sense of reassurance to make your traveling with a Proteca suitcase more comfortable.

About the Proteca PREMIUM CARE

To ensure many years of trouble-free use of your Proteca product, ACE Co., Ltd. provides a free repair service for a period of three years from the date of purchase.
The warranty also covers damages caused during transportation by an airline or others.
ACE provides a free repair service for an unlimited number of times during the 3-year warranty period.

  • 1. Applicable products and warranty period

    - Proteca hard / soft shell suitcase
    - 3 years from the purchase
    - New products released after January 2015

    ※Warranty does not apply to products on sale, purchased from an outlet store and products that were parallel-imported

    ※ Sample warranty card
  • 2. Warranty applicability

    If the normal use of your suitcase is not possible due to any of the following reasons, ACE Co., Ltd. will provide a free repair service for an unlimited number of times during the warranty period.

    Note that the warranty does not cover surface scratches, stains, wear, or degradation resulting from ordinary use.
    ACE will decide on the repair method and make the repair to restore the functionality of the product.

  • 3. Disclaimer

    Notwithstanding the above, the following are not covered by the warranty, and there will be a charge for repairs even during the warranty period.

    ・Superficial damage (wear, scratches, discoloration, etc., of casters, fasteners, handles and others) resulting from normal use; and interior stains, discoloration, moth-eaten damage, corrosion, etc.

    ・Damage resulting from incorrect use or mishandling

    ・Damage and wear of suitcase body, handles or casters due to age-related deterioration (including hydrolysis) as a result of long-term use

    ・Damage caused by war, riot, civil disturbance, earthquake, volcanic eruption or water disaster (typhoon, flood, heavy rain, tsunami, etc.)

    ・Damage, breakage and water stains of interior, clothes or other contents due to water disaster (typhoon, flood, heavy rain, tsunami, etc.)

    ・Deformation and damage by high temperatures, high humidity, solvents, acids, salt or excessive impact/load

    ・Damage resulting from repair/modification performed by a repairer other than the repair center authorized by ACE

    ・Damaged contents, stains on contents and loss of contents

    ・Monetary damages such as losses arising from non-usability of the product, loss of opportunity, etc.

    ・Theft, misplacement, loss

    If repair parts become unavailable from the manufacturer after the end of the parts holding period, substitute parts will be used for the repair. However, note that the repair may not be possible in some cases due to the structure of the product. In the event that the repair cannot be conducted, ACE will replace the damaged product with the same or equivalent product.

Flow from product purchase to repair request

  • 1. Proof of Purchase

    When you purchase the product, make sure that the warranty card provided with the product is indicated with the date of purchase and has the store stamp.
    If there is no store stamp on the warranty card, attach the receipt to the warranty card.
    If you purchased the product from an online store, the invoice or similar document serves as a proof of purchase. Be sure to keep the document in a safe place. If the warranty card does not have the store stamp or is not attached with proof of purchase (such as a receipt) or if your product was not purchased from an official retailer, the product warranty is invalid. Also, note that the warranty does not apply to products on sale , purchased from an outlet store or products that were parallel-imported.

  • 2. Procedure for requesting warranty repair

    To request warranty repair, fill out the warranty card and repair request form, place them in the product to be repaired, and send them to the ACE Customer Center.
    The warranty card will be placed back in the product and returned to you.
    Note that the customer must pay for the cost of sending the product to the ACE Customer Center. ACE will bear the cost of returning the product to the customer.

  • 3. Important notes

    ・Your store of purchase will not accept your request for repair of a damaged product or receive and hold the repaired product for you to pick it up.

    ・When you request warranty repair, ACE will not submit an estimate for the repair cost.

    ・To check whether your product is covered by the warranty before requesting repair, you can use the inquiry form accessible from the "CUSTOMER/お客様窓口" page on the ACE website and send the form together with a picture of your product.

    ・If you lose the warranty card, you cannot receive warranty service. Note that the warranty card will not be re-issued. Be sure to keep the warranty card in a safe place during the warranty period.

    ・Depending on the country where you request warranty service, the contents of the warranty, the details of service and the contact office may differ from those indicated above.

Contact information/product sending address

ACE Co., Ltd. Customer Center

East Japan: 1-8-10, Komagata, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0043, Japan
West Japan: 4-5-2, Bakuro-Machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0059, Japan
Business hours: 10:00 to 16:00 (JST) on weekdays (closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

Repair of product after the period of three years or more from the purchase date

After three years from the date of purchase, the ACE Customer Center will repair the product for a charge. For details, visit the ACE website or contact the ACE Customer Center. The ACE Customer Center will notify you of the estimated repair cost, then repair the product for a charge upon obtaining your consent.